Monday, 28 April 2008


As some will know already, the 'Rhythms' team has been getting a bit of bad press regarding moving from the town centre to a green field site at the rear of The Priory. So why the bad press ?
As I understand it, it is because (a) people are going to have to pay a small fee to get in, and (b) There will be no re-admission once you are in.

I'm not going to go into the why's and wherefore's here, 'cos I've done it on the myspace site and it's also up on Pete Perry's Switchboard/widgeripoo site so you can read it at either one. Suffice it to say that those wanting something for nothing are at liberty to jerk off whenever they like !

It is a question of 'responsibility' and Rhythms is taking responsibility for its patron's wellbeing whilst they are on the site, so if you want a read then please click on
Thank you.

This has been a public service announcement (I think).

Sunday, 13 April 2008

The Royal British Legion Gig.

Hey ho, we got through it all despite one of the audience needing an ambulance called in the middle of Smokin' Dick Burns' set, which caused both Grant Meaby and I to cut our sets right down to the bare minimum...

So we got to the C.I.U. club in Stevenage High Street knowing we were going to be one short as our Joy T.Chance had a serious case of laryngitis and couldn't speak above a whisper. The R.B.L. had their meeting, I said hello to my friend Dave who used to come to our singer/songwriter gigs in the nineties, we set up the P.A. in about 10 minutes and Grant introduced the evening...

Eve Killip went first and I think really should have gone second as Eve is one of our quieter poets anyway, but she held her end up as always and got herself some applause. She was followed by Graeme Lloyd who proceeded to make the audience laugh... Always a good sign.

Brian Robert Neal decided to give the complete 'Budgie' trilogy, and good as they are, most people in the room wished he'd wrung their sodding necks a little earlier. It is quite difficult to keep an audience at the best of times and as soon as their attention starts to go is the time to knock it on the head but unfortunately Brian just plowed on... Too long.
Then, just as Smokin' Dick Burns was about to start his set, Michael had his epileptic seizure...
One of the problems with epilepsy is that sometimes people bite their own tongues in the middle of the attack and poor old Michael was no exception so with the poor guy's claret everywhere, an ambulance was called for safety's sake and he was addmitted to hospital for observation.
Smokin' Dick, now sadly not really smokin' finished a bit earlier and Grant followed him to the mic' followed by myself...

Rushed... That's the word, and unfortunately it felt like that at the end of the event. Oh well, I won a box of choc's in the raffle.
Dave said he enjoyed it and would pass on my best wishes to Barbara, his other half, who had decided not to go out that night. I passed on a few websites she might like to have a look at and that was it... Bloody shame I never had the chance to do anything from 'Metman', even tho' he'd given me permission to do so, but five minutes instead of fifteen ??????
No chance.
Never mind... We live and learn for next time and send our get well soon messages to
Michael H.

Now it's back to Rhythms Of The World and trying to fill my stage with talent...