Monday, 24 September 2007

Parnassus' own Brian Robert Neal on Stevenage Boro' F.C's win at Wembley...

One of the great things about Parnassus Performance is the effort and energy that the members put into their live performances... This is one of the items that Brian performed live at Stevenage Leisure Centre for Stevenage Arts Festival in June of this year after he'd gone to Wembley to see Stevenage Boro' F.C. win the final of football's F.A. Trophy cup, becoming the first football team to win a cup competition on the new hallowed turf which is a record that all of Stevenage should be proud of... even if they are not football fans, and... It was a damn fine game too, being exciting to watch and just as importantly, it was played in a sporting manner... which is more than can be said for some of the teams of overpaid prima-donnas who usually 'perform' at this particular venue.

Owing to the death of the C.D. drive we cannot currently download any live events and so in all its pride and glory... Here is Brian's football monologue in full.

It was taken from issue no. 16 of The Stevenage Boro' fanzine who were the first to print it in full, and when the C.D. drive is replaced and vista accepts some of the cleanup software without rejecting them out of hand, you should be able to download a complete live version from this site... And while we are on the subject...
If you go down Brighton way
Any home game Saturday...
You'll find a bloke by the name of Attilla The Stockbroker (a poet of some reknown in the circles we move in) doing all the match links at the game and throwing off the odd scurrilous rhyme for Brighton fans with some abandon... Now other teams have official poets too... So... ????
You can tell where this is going, can't you ?
How about it Stevenage Boro' ?
Come on... Join the real world and have a little fun and I promise not to mention all those bottles and glasses that the mindless fuckwits who spill out of the Executive suite and Broadhall suite
throw straight over the hedge into Roebuck Woods... (seven champagne bottles after Wembley... and the rest...) Any chance somebody could have a word with the offenders and ask them to cease and desist ? It is not just anti-social, it's bloody dangerous too...
Maybe I should write a poem... ?
Anyway... Enjoy Brian's poem... Note for any opposition fans... The bold type bits are for singing and chanting.
Me ? I know nothing about football... I'm a Man. City supporter.

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