Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Ripple rocks on...strangely... again.

So, here we are again and blowing my own trumpet, but I had a blast as usual...
Joy T. opened up the proceedings as compere and did a nice little opening set
and she was followed by the 'Rock band' of the night, Letchworth's Hot Wet Dogs.
Bearing in mind the age of this bunch who are just about to start their GCSE's they do make a very nice noise. Even Bob Mardon and Mark Astronaut are quite impressed by them so I'm glad to have given them another go, as I did book them for 'Rhythms' this year and they impressed then,also. Definitely a good band.
Then it's me... A bit of relevant old stuff and a few newies of which the re-do of The Stranglers 'Gordon (golden) Brown' is probably the highlight until I managed to blot the old copybook with a bit of Sam Cooke's 'Twisting (Fisting) the night away'.
Whoops ! Ok, it is overtly sexual but it was past 9 o'clock so no apologies, and besides I did offer the crowd a choice but they all wanted a 'new' one...
To finish we had the guys from Welwyn Garden City, Noble Drowning Heroes.
I really like what they do but they are very experimental in their outlook and 'tunes' are not what they are into. I find them quite challenging and they will definitely not be everyone's cup of tea but they are mine...
I had a good night. What more can anyone ask ?

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