Thursday, 31 January 2008


Here we are again, back safely on the old site after taking a couple of months out to do some other things...

One of the things I get accused of quite regularly is being confrontational, contentious, or just plain '' (You can fill in your own frontpiece for the misogyn, rasc, fasc, or the odd '...obic' which is the other usual diatribe from some of the more humourless P.C. brigade about some of the things I do live on stage, so I have started posting the odd poem and critiques of others on another site where I will happily explain those of mine on site. Hopefully not in the detail I had to go into regarding one particular item that garnered me two death threats from the local branch of the I.R.A supporters club when I originally performed it, but if you take a look you'll get the drift.

The beauty of this particular site is that it caters to writers of all types of things so I can post some scurrilous re-writes of popular songs that people like to hear done live, along with the odd poem or two and any other form of writing I care to do and most of the time I get some intelligent feedback... (which makes a nice change...)

Because everything is done on a four to one ratio, ie. I publish one and then I have to review four from other people everything is kept to a reasonable perspective and it seems to work reasonably well, so here is the link that gets you in to the site... Just punch it into your search engine and click 'go'.

When you actually get in you can browse all the works in there including some of mine but should you wish to post criticism or praise then you will have to become a member.
Unlike some who keep their names hidden I publish under Chris Ripple so I'm quite easy to find, so if you get in and want my stuff then find something I've written and click on my name.

Here are a few that are in there...

Poems. Picnic On A Rainy Day.
Hearts Of Darkness.
Armageddon there... But Slowly...
To Erin The Side Of Peace.
The Monster Kids.
The Office Christmas Party.
The Crown Vs Christmas. F.
The Perfect Express Hut Pizza.
In Praise Of Thoughtful Drunkeness.

Songs. Frostie The Snowman.
Anarchy In The Tory Part-ee.
Golden (Gordon) Brown.
Stevenage Woman (Redneck Woman).

Anyway, that's what I've been up to since Christmas apart from taking a well earned holiday in which I went to visit my ex-work colleague who lives in Africa, the facts of which amazed even old cynical me, so watch this space and when I manage to get it all down I'll post it up with some pic's somewhere between this site, More Writing and the Myspace.
Bearing in mind it was supposed to be a holiday, I attended political meetings and rallies, helped dig out an open sewer, picked up litter, paid off corrupt policemen and nearly got arrested when flying back into Gatwick as a heroin smuggler... (It was baobaob (Monkey bread) which is an African fruit that you pound to a powdery flour and then use as a cooking ingredient... it tastes sort of sweet and sour at the same time... and bearing in mind how many Africans are in the U.K. it seems suprising that H.M. Customs and Excise have never heard of it...)
All good fun playing with 'The System' nevertheless...

There are loads more photo's in myspace so click on the link if you want to take a look.

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