Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Gambian Experience Part Six (Celebrations Gambian Style). From January 2008.

Photo's from the top:-

Haddy and me at the victory celebration.
African suit.
A much prettier African suit...
Celebrating victory in the Council elections.

Tonight we are going out to celebrate the election result as Haddy's candidate won his seat on the local council and I've been told it's not a t-shirt, jeans and bandana do, so I have to dress up.
Sorry dear, I've got a couple of shirts but...
Oh bugger !
They've only bought me an African outfit or two.
I pick the black, red, gold and green with little Africa shapes all over it because the other one (orange coloured) will not go with my colouring and feeling like a bit of a fraud, I dress for the occasion.
Apparently I look smart... Hmmm, I think that is a matter of opinion but then everybody else wears things like this so why not me ?
At least it was their idea and although feeling a bit odd (Where's all me pockets for me bits, then ?) I go with it. Haddy looks great in her cerise and blue, and if you promise not to laugh I'll post a couple of pictures ?

When we got to the building we are all officially met at the entrance and I am formally introduced ??????? and then we are in.
Everyone is given a can of something to drink (Fanta or Sprite) and 'Tufa goes off to get some food as we haven't eaten yet and it's going to be a long night.
Let me say for the record that politicians patting themselves or being patted on the back are not really my thing, but... The band were really good and they seriously
'rocked out' in a distinctly African style. I really enjoyed them and I also enjoyed the fried egg and mayo' baguette that 'Tufa managed to get for us.

The trouble with things like this is that they tend to go on for ever or seem to, and if you are not actually involved then time tends to drag somewhat, but finally, at past midnight, we left.
I'm crashing at Haddy's tonight 'cos I'm knackered.
Sod the hotel.

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