Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Dick Tators at myspace

Hey guess what ?
myspace have disabled my link to this blog ?????

It really does make you wonder when the same blog on my myspace page carried a link to a petition about Form 696 which all musicians and stage performers should be aware of...
Punch it into your search engine and look it up for yourselves...
It's a real bastard, that one.
and a link to no. 10 Downing Street.

Strange as it may seem, those two links were not touched...
Just MINE !

Hey !
Were in 2009 now not 1984... although our government are doing their best to take us to Orwell Land and so, it would seem, are myspace too.

I reckon they're just jealous of this site 'cos most of the writing is done on it...

Anyway, stick Form 696 into your search engine and prove to yourself something that some of us already knew... That the Police ARE a racist organisation and are now using 'type of music' liked, to stop gigs and to get your names, addresses and phone numbers on their 'shitstem'
(Bob Marley definitely had the right pronunciation and spelling for System, didn't he ?)
Oh yeah, and sign the petition on my (or anyone else's) myspace because it WILL affect all of us if it's not smashed and brought out into the open.

Well, I reckon it was reported by a copper and myspace did it automatically.
We'll find out soon enough when all the links are taken out of this one...


and keep censorship off the web, too.

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