Monday, 12 July 2010

The Girl With The English Hair

Ida with the drum and Mariama with the shakers having a workout
after school in the compound.

You never know how things are going to be received or perceived when you do stuff on stage ?
After all, My most requested item dates back to 1994 and is a totally irresponsible
take on MacDonalds and drugs straight from the newspaper headlines.
So you can imagine my surprise when I started doing this thing about Mariama and her drum and finding out I'd got a 'hit' poem ?
Pleased ? Definitely.
Gobsmacked ? Totally.

So if you're in the vicinity and I'm doing a gig, you might get to hear this one done live ?

The Girl With The English Hair

Her homework is done so it’s now time to play
Another drum and percussion workout today
But the magazine’s picture just won’t go away
She undoes her braids as if she hadn’t a care
And says ‘Look… It’s turned into English hair…’

Punks with Mohican’s… A book illustration
A nineteen seventies fashion hardly a new innovation
Here in the village it’s somewhat of a sensation
A nine year old child causing people to stare
And say ‘Look… It’s the girl with the English hair’

She dares to be different she follows her star
A nine year old girl with no problems so far
But the problems are coming and they’ll put up the bar
Her society is structured some would call it unfair
It means nothing to the girl with the English hair

“I’ll be a musician… I know I’m a girl
The best drummer in Africa or maybe the World ?”
The odds are against her and life can be cruel
But one thing I know and I have to be fair
Don’t bet against the girl with the English hair

Chris Ripple. April 20th 2009.

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