Sunday, 6 May 2012


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Ok… The plan is to get out to The Gambia in November and so it’s heads down, no nonsense, mindless WORK…
Haddy’s having problems getting any whatsoever.
The agency she was with has basically decided not to send her for anything unless it’s council work when somebody doesn’t turn up or is off sick, but only at weekends.
Quite honestly their attitude sucks.
If she’s good enough to provide cover then she’s good enough to work during the week, but all we seem to get are wasters who can’t be arsed.
I know there are a lot of people out of work, but why send us those who don’t work or can’t be bothered ?
We’ve got enough of those bastards on full time anyway, with the result that whatever you ask for in the way of help is always refused because them ‘up there’ are always consolidating their own positions rather than looking at a broader view.
This results in an attitude problem.
If they can’t be bothered then my ‘attitude’ changes to a more confrontational one and I will not take any bullshit from them.
If they want to play favourites, then fuck ‘em !
I have no need of it.
Just get the work done.
Sometimes they tell me that I’m lucky to have a job.
Well, listen to this…
If I wasn’t doing the fucking job, then what would you have ?
The same bloke who I replaced ?
The guy who spent more time on the fucking golf course than he did putting in the hours ?
The lazy git who left the area I live in looking like a third world slum ?
Yeah… Fucking right.
Get real for once in your fucking lives.
And people wonder why this country is going downhill ?
Those who want to work are being stopped because the government give funds to those who get the long term unemployed off their collective arse.
The problem is, they don’t want to work because screwing those who do for benefits and having everything paid for you is a nicer option, and they can do so many worthwhile things while they are not working…
Like getting pissed, getting stoned and watching Jeremy Kyle on the television ?
Like screaming at their truant kids in the off licences and supermarkets ?
Oh yeah…
It’s a good life.
But the one thing it doesn’t help is society.
We’ve been fucked over big time by the politicians and bankers and now all the platitudes they came out with have been forgotten, they’re back feathering their own nests as usual, and we all get to pay for them.
Plus now we get to pay for every lazy piece of flotsam who can’t be bothered, from all over Europe ?
Oh yes, it’s a good life…
So long as you don’t weaken.

 At least the allotment in the back garden is doing ok.

Everything except the beans and peas are doing really well and we might even be able to eat what we grow ?

I hope so, for Haddy’s sake.
She’s put one hell of a lot of work into it.

What we don’t need is more expense but it looks like we’re going to get it as the car has just failed its M.O.T. on the ‘unseen enemy…’
Underneath so nobody can see it, and it’s gonna cost four hundred to get it fixed.
Fuck that.
‘Trev’ who do you know locally that’s got something reasonable they wanna off ?’
‘There’s a good nick Mondeo round the corner for four hundred and fifty, I’ve serviced it for the last nine years…’
Sorted !
I’ve just become ‘Mondeo Man’.
The car tax goes up but the insurance goes down ?
How weird is that ?
What with that, and having to up the money we send the kids because the banking collapse has just hit Africa, it looks like it’s going to be an expensive summer ?
Oh well… Just have to cut down on things again and get in as much overtime as the body will take…

Haddy’s getting very despondent about the job situation.
It’s now two days work in a one month period.
That agency that she’s with are fucking shite !
And to add insult to injury they keep taxing her.
For Christ’s sake, she doesn’t earn enough to pay tax and she keeps telling them, but no…
One days work in two weeks and it’s taxed…
Why is it taxed ?
Obviously to pay for those lazy cunts who are now whingeing like fuck that their benefits are going to be taken away.
Oh, they’ll give her a refund at some point but she needs the money NOW, not in eight months time.
It is quite depressing to say the least.
But at least we’ve got the forthcoming riots to look forward to…
See… I wrote that after the event, but I have to admit that I’d predicted them coming for nearly six months, as had a couple of my friends…
Maybe being a bit closer to ‘the street’ you get an inkling of what’s to come, I don’t know, but come they would and come they will whether people like the idea or don’t ?
The flashpoint was the shooting of a guy named Mark Duggan by the police.
He wasn’t the nicest person in the world, so the police decided not to tell his family anything about the operation that got him wasted.
His friends wanted answers and so the riots began…
And fuck me, did they spread or what ?

The ‘have’s’ and ‘have-nots’ came out in their thousands to smash and bash and crash and trash and burn and loot and steal anything that wasn’t locked down, and a shit load of things that were…


No racial divide here.
Everybody involved crossed boundaries of race, class, age and upbringing.  

And for nearly a week the soundtrack to our lives was Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention’s ‘Trouble Every Day’, which it has to be said, has lasted the course pretty well for a track off his first album ‘Freak Out’ recorded back in the mid sixties…

Other songs of note which should also be mentioned, are The Clash’s ‘White Riot’, The Ruts ‘Babylon’s Burning’, Bob Marley’s ‘Burnin’ and Looting’ and The Deviants ‘Let’s Loot the Supermarket…’
None of which were allowed to be played on the radio while the ‘insurrection’ was occurring.

A sense of humour and a sense of perspective might have helped the situation, but when people are being prosecuted for posting these things on-line from youtube then you know without a doubt that the system you live under is totally fucked.                                           

It mattered not a flying fuck whether you were a have or a have-not, this was serious civil unrest on a major scale and it shocked people.
Well, it shocked them into a lot of ‘revenge seeking’ sentences when they were caught, or it did until the ‘liberal’ backlash started.
Oh dear, was your little Tracy or Wayne or Tyrone or Ahmed treated harshly by the courts ?
Here, have a reduction in your sentence to community service…
What a fucking waste of everybody’s time.
But you can’t really blame people for wanting to get violent, not when all but four politicians (who have been thrown to the wolves) have been ‘let off’ without charges being made for their recent plundering of the public’s coffers.
Not with the banks still paying themselves big bonuses after our money has been used to bail them out.
And now with all the ‘austerity’ cuts going on around us, politicians wonder why people want to fight back in their own sad and inarticulate way ?
Fight back ?
It wasn't really a 'fight back' it was just the chance for a bit of mindless thuggery and one hell of a lot of stealing and looting, and what purpose does it serve ?
Fuck all, as far as I can see, because it changes nothing except that it makes the neighbourhoods that have been affected a little poorer and a little more rundown and yet more money has to be invested in bringing them up to scratch again.
But why would middle aged people get involved in what started out as a youth dominated occurence ?
How about because they are mega-fucking angry after being taken for a ride and it’s the only way they have left for voicing their displeasure with getting one ‘up the arse’ from the ruling elite ?
And don’t think I’m absolving any labour voters from this, because quite frankly it was your useless bunch of self-serving greedy cunts that got us into this mess and now another bunch of useless self-serving greedy cunts is trying to get us out of it.
The trouble is, we now all have to suffer for the sins and the greed of a few.
Politicians just never learn.
You want a few years of total civil unrest, then you’ve got it.
Mission accomplished.

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