Monday, 10 March 2014


So... Having finally managed to extricate the film from 'Camera Hell', this post SHOULD have been part of the posts for Sainabou's Wedding.
The fact that it wasn't was an absolute pain in the arse at the time.
However, with the advent of more brains and the help of my friend Marcus who makes films for a living, we've managed to save it and finally 'Get it out there...'

Those of you who tune in to this blog from time to time will know that I tend to go on about this group of musicians in The Gambia who play drums and who help out my daughter by letting her practice with them.
Well, here they are...

This will be the first post of two.
The other will be posted when and if ?
If everything was working as it should be, then this wouldn't be as late as it is, but sometimes things don't always go according to plan...

Anyway, enjoy the practice session.
All narration and filming by the Missus.
Oh yeah, one final thing.
Any actual musicians reading this, then just think 'soundcheck' with one crucial member missing (kora/vocalist) No change there, then...
Enjoy the guys.

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