Tuesday, 11 November 2014


So there we were…
Ready to leave again, except we weren’t really.
We’re going to miss the kids, it’s as simple as that.
There is something intrinsically wrong with a system that only allows one-way traffic.
We have to fly two thousand, nine hundred miles to see our children for the price of an air ticket and that is apparently no problem ???
There is the small matter of over two hundred and fifty pounds plus each on a six hundred pound ticket going toward ‘Green Taxes’ which is just one more reason that ‘The Greens’ are NEVER going to get my vote because there are sod-all other countries doing it, but…
It doesn’t work in reverse.
If the kids want to come and see us then they have to pay approximately the same, plus they have to fill in the form and pay for a visa to do it.
No matter that we support them, pay for their food, schooling and living expenses, they still have to pay our government for the privilege of doing so and this visa lasts six months.
In that time they can do a small number of things but most are denied them.
You can always read the damn documentation for yourselves…
Of course if they were European children then they can come here without a visa and their families can do anything they choose, including claim all the benefits that our own citizens receive and then jump in front of our own social housing queue !!!
And all because Gordon Brown signed a treaty ?
There is seriously something wrong with that system, not least because it is discriminatory and the UK government could be accused of running an ‘Apartheid’ system on immigration.
Think I’m joking ?
Ok, consider this…
Pre nineteen ninety seven we had a normal immigration system.
It seemed to work pretty much like every other country’s, in that if you had relatives in the UK then you could join them and there wasn’t too much of a problem doing so.
When the Labour government under Tony B’liar came to power he flung open the borders to all and sundry.
(Ok, it’s a bit simplistic but it IS accurate)
You also have to remember that back then the UK saw a rise in membership of the British National Party or B.N.P.
This so-called ‘political party’ called for an end to immigration and the repatriation of every black and brown person in the country.
Which was a bit silly in that many of those they wanted repatriated were actually second, third and fourth generation British !!!
They had been born in the UK and were as English, Scots, Irish or Welsh as I am.
The reality of living through those times and the arguments that ensued are still reverberating to this day.
So B'liar and his successor Gordon Brown threw open the UK’s borders to all and sundry, but what they did not do was make it a condition of entry that these new entries were not entitled to the UK’s benefit system until they had been in the country for a few years.
This was the stumbling block and one that the B.N.P. capitalised on.
All these black and brown immigrants whose ideas, traditions and culture were sometimes diametrically opposed to the UK’s were being funded by the population of the United Kingdom and that is where the B.N.P. actually scored the point that is still causing the problems that my own family face today.
The Labour Party’s rationale had been that all these immigrants were going to be so pleased to be there and receiving the same benefits and social security as every other citizen that they would show their gratitude by voting for them ad-infinitum.
Unfortunately, the general population weren’t exactly enamoured of the idea.
But Labour, choosing the moral high ground, decided to brand everybody who queried what was going on, a racist.
What was THAT Gordon Brown quote again ?
'Bigot' wasn’t it ?
And lurking in the background was Europe…
Most of whose countries do not have the same generous benefit system as the UK.
So when Gordon Brown signed away many of the decisions to be taken by the UK government to a European Union, there were many people who were not terribly impressed.
But he signed it KNOWING that it would bring even more immigration, because now we were a member, everybody in the European Union can move freely between their member states and live (and claim benefits) wherever they reside.
And in the background we still have the B.N.P…
But like any other small club that wants to get bigger, the European Union kept taking on more members and some of those were not exactly up to par on their own benefit systems.
And what colour were over ninety per-cent of these new immigrants from Europe ?
(You can check out the percentages just as I did)
And these people do not need documentation.
These people could just turn up, and as a country we could not turn down any request for benefits or even housing even though they already had one somewhere else.
And as the country was swamped by white immigration, the demographic slowly changed back to predominantly white and the B.N.P. lost its power to spread its racist doctrine.
Think about it.
It’s a bloody good trick if you can get away with it ?   
But they couldn’t, and after Gordon Brown had sold off the UK’s gold reserves at a fraction of their worth, plundered everybody’s pension fund to prop up his failed economy, presided over the banking collapse and tried to cover up the scandal of M.P’s expenses, most people had had enough and the worst and most venal government this country has ever had since the days of the ‘Rotten Boroughs’ were voted out.
And in came the Tories…
Assisted by the Liberal Democrats so as to gain a larger majority in parliament, we now had a coalition.
And that’s where OUR troubles really began, because all the main political parties wanted to remain members of the European Union !!!
And so up went the prices of visas to all the countries that needed them while the Europeans all arrived here for free.
Every year the price would be increased and every year even more obstacles would be put in people’s way.
The B.N.P. was now not much more than a bunch of posturing racists but they had been superseded by another right-wing organisation, The English Defence League.
These people just wanted all immigration stopped, especially from the posturing Muslim countries and they were beginning to cause questions to be asked in parliament.
And waiting in the wings was U.K.I.P. The United Kingdom Independence Party who wanted us OUT of Europe. 
The infrastructure of the country was now seriously overloaded by immigration caused by being in the European Union.
Because white people who don’t even have to speak English are pouring into the country, and black people who DO have to speak English have to fill in forms and take ‘Englishness’ tests before they are allowed to stay, the whole demographic of the country is changing.
Haddy and I have now become third class citizens in my country.
She is not allowed the benefits that the Europeans are given because she is African and/or Black.
She cannot buy a UK passport like the Russian and Chinese oligarchs are being offered.
She has to pay to go through a series of tests before she is even allowed to stay in the country, despite us being married, despite us both having jobs and not relying on government handouts, and we are both of us definitely being denied a family life because all our taxes go towards funding the European immigrants and their children as opposed to our own…
And does any political party want to cry foul ?
Do they fuck !!!
They all want to stay in Europe so they are quite happy to let the situation continue as it is.
The biggest irony of all is that both the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party would be the first to start screaming if it were happening in any other country (South Africa springs to mind…) but because the Lib/Dems want to continue to stay in power and the Labour Party have still yet to come to terms with the European monster they have unleashed, they are both more than happy to remain silent on the issue.
(And their silence IS deafening, isn't it ?)
To put it plainly, the U.K. now has a system of  ‘whites in’ and ‘blacks out’, and if that upsets you then it’s tough shit because YOU VOTED FOR IT.
Anybody who voted Tory, Labour or Liberal Democrat in the last election is equally guilty.
A friend asked me once, would I betray my country ?
Well since my country has already betrayed me, I’m not really sure how to answer that question…
I have already said it would be nice to live in a country where EVERYBODY was treated the same without fear or favour, but I don’t believe it will ever happen in the UK.
There are far too many gutless cunts in both the opposition and government to allow that scenario to occur, and far too much fawning obeisance to other people’s lifestyles.
And all this 'Apartheid' shit was what we’d be flying back to.
It’s not really that impressive, is it ?

So we said goodbye to everybody first thing in the morning as Housai’ and Awa went off to work and Mariama and Jalika went off to school.
Hassa’ would be accompanying us to Latrikunda at the top of the road when we left at midday, and Amadou would be ‘phoned later because he’s at work too.
A quick walk around the area to say goodbye to our friends and our time was up, so it’s into the taxi and away to the airport.
I took some film on the way, so if you’ve never seen what it looks like in The Gambia, then you can watch this.
It’s only predominantly the right hand side of the road on the way, but it will give you some idea...
Did you bother to watch it ?
Going back to that 'far too much fawning obeisance' quote a few lines back, did you notice what the women were wearing ?
Yeah, I do, all the time, which is why I filmed it.
I want people to see for themselves.
The vast majority of women DO NOT wear the bloody things !!!
So to be told by those Guardian reading Liberal fuckwits in the UK that I'm a racist for mentioning the FACT that they don't, and why would anybody want to unless they lived on a building site covered with sand, is a little unhelpful to say the least... And a downright lie of the worst kind.
I wish those who make up these claims would check their facts before they made those sort of accusations, because the truth is actually out there and it's not that hard to find...
It's just being used as a political tool so some people can get their own way.
('Help... Help... I'm being oppressed...')
It would be funny if it wasn't taken so seriously by our media and our 'Establishment'.
The fact is, outside of about four countries it's total bollocks.

So we got to the airport and checked in.
Hit the duty free shop for a couple of bottles of grade A ‘Anejo’ (that’s top of the range tequila to you) and we’re done.
Now it’s time for a baguette and cup of tea at Luigi’s, sitting outside awaiting our flight.
Listening to the other passengers at the tables, it would seem that they all enjoyed their stay, and I’m glad.
The Gambia might be a small country, but it has a lot going for it if only it could get the investment.
Unfortunately, for various reasons, it doesn’t look as if it’s on its way which is a shame.
So tourism is its only real source of foreign currency coming in.
Tony, one of the guys I work with, had been twice now with his family and they were confirmed fans after their first trip, so it must have something going for it ?
One day people will get wise and realise the country does have opportunities.

The flight back was uneventful as usual, but all the fun usually begins after we touch down.
First there’s the usual half mile walk to Immigration control and then we split into two parts.
I go through one system (the E.U. one) and Haddy goes through the second-class citizen one
You can tell the way it works in that there are about ten officers dealing with E.U. passport holders and only the one dealing with non E.U.
This obviously causes a massive build-up on her side which won’t abate until they can get more officers over there, and that won’t happen until all us E.U types have been processed.
I just sit in a convenient chair watching the proceedings until she’s through, usually being quizzed every ten minutes by an immigration officer asking why I’m hanging about with a very bored and pissed off look on my face ?
The words ‘I’m waiting for my wife, she’s in your second-class citizen queue’ usually get me an understanding grimace from the officer concerned.
But finally she’s through, so now let’s collect our luggage and hit the ‘red zone’ once again.
Declare the five boxes of tobacco, declare the tequila and brandy, and that’s our lot.
We walk out past those who have fucked up in going through the ‘nothing to declare’ green zone.
The guy whose luggage has shown up some cellophane packages is not too happy, he’s probably facing about five years inside but that’s his problem.
With all the security and scanners in place now, you’d think that a bit of common sense would prevail, but apparently not ?
And we’re out.
And it’s a lot cooler than it was in The Gambia…
(Well it would be, it’s past midnight)
Catch the coach back to where we parked the car, and it’s back home via the M.25 which thankfully is an easy run at that time of night.
We get in at about half past three, dump the luggage and sleep.
Haddy is not working tomorrow, but I am...
At least it's the late shift.

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