Tuesday, 31 July 2007

And finally... Bass Relief go commercial... NOT.

I suppose being asked to be on the cd this year came as a bit of a shock, but I think we fit in with what the others are doing so I'm not too worried as to how we sound.
The particular track 'In Quiet Dignity' was picked by Adam out of three possible suggestions by me as Joy was away visiting her son in Japan and I knew he had the wherewithal to play with the minidisk recording that we had of the gig.
It was recorded on April 29th at Club 85 and there are some photo's further down the blog of the event if anybody wants a look.
The fact that it was our first gig with our new Bass player Ollie' Glaze, made it something even more special because it always takes a little while for a new member to fit into any band, but Ollie' just seemed to dive headlong into it, and so I wanted a track chosen for 'musical' reasons rather than any other and Adam chose this one.
I have to say that I had hoped he would pick this track rather than either of the other options as even though Joy isn't on it, we can do the shorter version of this one without necessarily changing the sound too much, and both of the other tracks would have sounded a little thin without her contribution... But it was Adam's choice and I think he made the right one, and so did Joy when she returned.
Are we all cool over it ?
Yeah... You betcha !
The track itself was written for a Tsunami benefit gig that Joy put together at Club 85, and I performed it there solo without any music. Now I'm glad I thought about it for Bass Relief because I think it suits Adam and Ollie' s style perfectly and when you add Joy to the mix it becomes a little showpiece of its own...
Yeah... I'm pleased... Who wouldn't be ?

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