Monday, 31 March 2008

Mark Astronaut and friends, Al Damidge, Chris Bowsher & Martz & Spandex Ballet at Club 85

Sometimes you just get that feeling when something you've set up is off and running under its own momentum and it just breaks all expectations of everything even you thought of...
You ever had one of those feelings ?
I got one last night at the Ripple Rocks On Strangely gig at Club 85.

Mark and the Otters had done their final (maybe) gig with Joe the Bass in Brighton the previous night and were all as knackered as a band can be who didn't get to bed before 4.30am so he started off with just Dom' on guitar and later by new bass player, Lucio. He's different to Joe, no doubt about that but he's gonna fit right into the mix without any bother at all. Great start.

Al Damidge hit the stage with poems and songs and I have to admit, poetry wise he was excellent. A bit nervous, but then who wouldn't be if they'd scarcely gigged for ten years ? He ended with a few songs and I loved it. Loved all of it. Nice one Al, I'll get back to you for another one, one of these days.

Then Chris Bowsher and Martz his keyboard player (both of whom play in Military Surplus/R.D.F.) hit the stage for one of those spots that transcend any thought you had of what they are about. Blinding set.
I work in a band (Bass Relief) which uses poets and musicians, and Chris and Martz do the same. If you see a gig advertised where one of the bands is named The Faction, check it out 'cos it might be Chris and Martz and they are definitely something to hear. Same as I've said about Al, I'll be back for you guys again.

Spandex Ballet headlined and I have to say I really don't know what it is about Chris and Leon ? Everytime I see them they are good to great, but everytime they work for me they are even better. They just seem to get all the verbals together for my gigs like they're saving them up for it. A pair of great local lads (or is it larrikins) supremely talented, well, they must be 'cos they're both in about four or five bands, and funny as fuck...

If you didn't manage to get there, then you missed a great gig in which every artist exceeded every expectation I had of the event.
Sheer class, every one.

I managed to get a couple of shots of Spandex and Chris & Martz but missed out on Mark and Al but I know Chris Bowsher took some so I'll see if I can blag a couple...
Watch this space.

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