Sunday, 2 March 2008


We're up and running and I'm booking the Arcadeclectic Stage again which I have to admit is more fun than most things in this life. Ok, it can be quite daunting trying to start with a blank canvas when you are responsible for the smallest stage of the lot and can only fit a fourpiece with drumkit on it or five piece without drums which limits us somewhat, but we are running from midday until 9pm both Saturday and Sunday so we can fit in some of the more eclectic and esoteric artists and bands who otherwise would probably not have got a look in, and get a few new poets too.

I've got all but one of my local band wishlist but you'll have to wait for their names as that info' will not be released until the programme is out so please don't stop me and ask, as a refusal to impart that knowledge can for some reason cause offence and you lot should know me by now... I don't mind causing it. So stay cool people... All will be revealed as soon as...
Besides... Once I've booked them the gobby little oiks go around telling everybody they're playing it anyway.

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